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Welcome to Crack Your Target , your number one source for learning. I am dedicated to providing you the best notes with diagrams,tip and tricks, and also videos and notes for all subjects .I will continue to create innovative learning experiences .

About us

Founder by Parveen Crack your target has come a long way from its beginnings in [what I believe whatever you are doing give your 100%. And if u want anything big in your life you have to be pay the price

Don’t focus on ur result focus on process if process is right then you will achieve your goals and objectives

So , these notes will help you to achieve your target and I wish you great features.

          Crack Your Target is an educational website related to all subjects (bacteriology, virology, parasitology, mycology, immunology, geography , history , english etc.) and different other branches of Biology, Geography , History, English etc.. It was created on  with an aim to provide education notes to 10th ,12th ,undergraduate and graduate students. This website is also useful for entrance exam such as CBSE- PMT , AIIMS , AFMC , DPMT , CPMT ,BHU and other medical exams .

                   This website are also helpful for any stream exam and also available top  questions and answers  and also tip and tricks related to subjects.

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Name – Parveen

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