Black, white and yellow fungus—all you need to know about symptoms and treatment

What is black and Yellow Fungus Disease, Its Symptoms, Causes and Treatment: Like black fungus and white fungus, yellow fungus too is a fungal infection, but it can be rather fatal and deadly as it begins internally.


What causes Mucormycosis?

Mucormycosis or Black fungus is a problem caused by fungal infections. People catch mucormycosis by contact with natural fungal pathogens. It can also grow on the skin after the fungus enters the skin through cuts, scratches, burns, or other skin infections. Broadly two kinds of Black Fungus infection have been reported namely- Rhino-Orbito-Cerebral Mucormycosis (ROCM) and Pulmonary Mucormycosis.

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Black fungus

The disease is being detected among patients who are recovering or have recovered from COVID-19. Moreover, anyone who is diabetic and whose immune system is not functioning well needs to be on the guard against this.

According to the Indian Council of Medical Research advisory, these conditions in COVID-19 patients increase the risk of mucormycosis infection:

  •     Uncontrolled diabetes
  •     Weakening of immune system due to use of steroids
  •     Prolonged ICU/hospital stay
  •     Comorbidities/post-organ transplant/cancer
  •     Voriconazole therapy (used to treat serious fungal infections)
What are the common symptoms of Mucormycosis?

Mucormycosis begins to manifest as skin infection in the air pockets located behind our forehead, nose, cheekbones, and in between the eyes and teeth. It then spreads to eyes, lungs and can even spread to the brain. It leads to blackening or discoloration over the nose, blurred or double vision, chest pain, breathing difficulties and coughing of blood.

Treatment for black fungus

“Early diagnosis and aggressive treatment is required. Black fungus is treated with specific antifungal medicines that need to be administered intravenously. The most common medicine includes Liposomal Amphotericin B that is used to treat serious fungal infections. Patients may need up to six weeks of treatment to recover. Their recovery depends on how early the disease was diagnosed and treated. Often, surgery is required to cut away dead or infected tissue,” Dr Jessani said.

What is yellow fungus?

Yellow fungus

Experts suggest that yellow fungus infection, unlike the two other infections, could be much scarier because of the manner in which it affects the body’s internal organs.

Unlike the other two diseases, yellow fungus starts internally, causing pus leaks, slow wound healing, and, in extreme cases, can also cause harmful symptoms such as immune failure and severe necrosis. Therefore, it is still important for patients to seek help for their infection as soon as they start to notice (observing) symptoms.

Here’s what we know so far


According to reports, the first case of yellow fungus infection has been detected in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. While there’s not much that is available about the case, doctors have warned that yellow fungus can be much more dangerous than black and white fungus.

There has been an unprecedented rise in black fungus cases and more recently, white fungus cases, both caused by the spread of natural fungi and unsanitary conditions. To date, more than 8,000 cases have been reported in India. However, as evidenced by the present, there is now a new danger of ambush, far more deadly than black or white fungus.

Mucormycosis: After black, white, first case of yellow fungus appears in Ghaziabad

After the country saw a dramatic increase in the number of cases of black and white fungi, also known as Mucormycosis, a patient was found to have ‘yellow fungus‘ in the nation’s capital, unconfirmed reports suggest. The first case of yellow mold was reported in Gaziabad on Monday, Zee News reported. The patient, currently admitted to ENT hospital by Dr Brij Pal Tyagi, showed signs of weight loss, low appetite, weight loss and bladder bleeding. ‘Yellow fungus’ is reported to affect the healing process of wounds by reducing them. Like a black fungus, it is also a deadly disease, which eventually results in eyesight and necrosis.

The health ministry has not confirmed the report so far.

Meanwhile, black and white fungi are reported from various parts of the country. Mucormycosis is a fungal infection, which manifests itself in a few patients with COVID-19 during recovery or delivery. In Maharashtra alone, more than 2,000 people were already infected with the fungal virus in the government, where some patients lost their sight and ten people succumbed to it.

What causes yellow fungus infection?


Yellow fungus is important to know that most fungal infections of this manner start off due to unsanitary conditions- poor hygiene, contaminated resources (including food), or overuse of steroids, antibacterial medications or poor oxygen use.

Patients coping with comorbidities or using immunity-suppressing medications continue to be at a greater risk for catching the infection.

The symptoms to know of right now

Both black and white fungal infections can cause symptoms of dehydration, which can lead to facial paralysis and severe inflammation. What makes the yellow fungus so nastier is that it begins to spread throughout the body, and causes very different symptoms at first.

Some of the commonly known symptoms of yellow fungus are lethargy, low appetite, or no appetite at all and weight loss of this infection right now are:

  • Lethargy – The fungal infection starts to spread internally and weighs heavily on vital organs, leaving you without energy. This can result in symptoms like acute lethargy, fatigue and exhaustion.
  • Poor appetite/ no appetite – The spread of the fungal infection can also disturb your digestion. Patients can report symptoms like loss of appetite, poor eating habits all of a sudden.
  • Weight loss, poor metabolism –

Metabolic changes could also be a symptom to watch out for right now. Experts say that unusual weight loss could be a sign that a person needs medical investigation, especially if he/she also showcases symptoms similar to other fungal infections in circulation right now.

Yellow fungus treatment

Yellow fungus treated

Yellow or other fungal infections being talked of right now aren’t exactly new or rare. Currently, Amphotericin B injection, which is an antifungal medicine is the only known treatment therapy for fighting the infection.

Important Solved Questions for all Exams

1. Which state first to declared “Black Fungus” an epidemic ?
Ans. Rajasthan
2. Which four states in India have declared ‘black fungus’ disease as an epidemic on May 21, 2021?
Ans. Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Gujarat and the UT of Chandigarh declared the disease an epidemic the same day.
3. Where first patient of black fungus was found in India?
Ans. The first patient of black fungus found in odisha. A 71 year old person who is suffering from uncontrolled diabetes become the first patient of black fungus in india. After that Maharashtra and Delhi saw a hike in cases of black fungus in their country followed by other state of India.

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