Daily Current affairs-19 September 2020

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Today’s current affairs in English-2020 is very helpful for your government exams . Get important daily and monthly current affairs in English quiz , one liners and gk tips and tricks and also  related to your subjects which are very helpful for your examination .

Q.1. Who will head the committee for regularisation of land lesing in agriculture sector ?

Ans. Ajay Tirkey

Q.2.  When is World Water Monitoring Day celebrated?

 Ans.  18 September

Q.3. Which region will Become the new Province of Pakistan ?

Ans. Gilgit Baltistan 

 Q.4.  Which social media platform has launched the TherelsHelp initiative to prevent suicides?

 Ans.  Twitter

Q.5. Fayez Serraj was the Prime Minister of which country ?

Ans. Libya

 Q.6.  Which country became the first country in the world to issue Sobren bond for SDG?

 Ans.  Mexico

Q.7. Which app has been removed from Google Play Store ?

Ans. Paytm

 Q.8.  Which state government has launched the Arthika spandana loan disbursement program?

 Ans.  Karnataka

Q.9. India Happiness Report 2020 is launched which state topped the list ?

Ans. Mizoram

 Q.10.  In which state has the food festival been inaugurated?

 Ans.  Madhya Pradesh

Q.11. Which state has announced subsidy schemes for e-scooters,rickshaws ?

Ans. Gujarat

 Q.12.  Which bank has launched its home Deemz home loan scheme?

 Ans.  ICICI Bank

Q.13. What was the theme for World Bamboo Day 2020?


 Q.14.  Which state government has announced subsidy to open cinema hall?

 Ans.  Assam

Q.15. Which Indian was named by the UN in the list of 2020 Class of Young Leaders for Sustainable Development Goals ?

Ans. Udit Singhal 

 Q.16.  Who has hosted the 73rd season of the South East Asia Region?

 Ans.  Thailand

Q.17.Which country has become the first country in the world to issue a sovereign bond linked to the sustainable development goals set by the United Nations ?

Ans. Mexico

 Q.18.  Azadi: Who wrote a book called Freedom Fascism Fiction?

 Ans.  Arundhati Roy

 Q.19.  Who became the first American player to play in IPL league?

 Ans.  Ali khan

Q.20. Who launched “Apna Ghar Dreamz ” Home Loan Scheme ?

Ans. ICICI Home Finance

Important points of the Day 

  • The committee ,to be headed by the secretary of the department of land resources under the ministry of rural development , will submit its report to a group of ministers on the model legislation on land leasing.  
  • Recently , Pakistan has decided to elevate Giligit – Baltistan’s status to that of a full-fledged province. Gilgit-Baltistan is one of the diputed territories of India.
  • Currently, Pakistan has four provinces namely Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,Punjab and Sindh .
  • The current Libyan government under the leadership of PM Fayez Serraj is called the Government of National Accord.Capital of Tripoli and currency is Dinar . For India Libya country are important beacuse one of the largest  oil reserve in the world and india can trade of oil from this country . 
  • Paytm is an Indian e-commerce payment system and financial technology company,headquater is Noida , Uttar Pradesh , India and established in 2010. 
  • Paytm is back on the Play Store hours after the app was taken down for violating policies on gambling that’ why google removed this app.
  • The study is based on a nationwide survey covering 16,950 people between March and July 2020 by Professor Rajesh K Pillania .
  • Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has announced an assistance scheme to encourage the use of battery – operated two – wheelers and three-wheelers in the state.
  • World Bamboo Day is observed globally on 18 September every year . This year is celebrated to raised awareness of the benefits of bamboo and to promote its use in everyday products. The theme for 11th edition of WBD 2020 is ‘BAMBOO NOW’.
  • World Bamboo Organization headquaters – Antwerp , Belgium . This organization founded on 2005 and director Susanne Lucas .
  • Udit Singhal, an 18-year old Indian boy has been named by the United Nations in the list of 2020 Class of Young Leaders for Sustainable Development Goals .
  • It is a highest-profile recognition opportunity for the youngsters who are leading efforts on the world’s most pressing issues.
  • World’s longest highway tunnel connecting Manali to Leh under the Rohtang Pass in the eastern Pir Panjal range of Himalayas on the Leh – Manali highway is now completed after 10 years.
  • ICICI Bank founded in 1999 and MD and CEO – Anirudh Kamani and headquater in Mumbai .
  • Margaret Atwood honoured with 2020 Dayton Literary peace prize.
  • Ayurveda doyen P.R. Krishna dies of COVID-19.

Famous Companies & their Founders

1. Who is the founder of Walmart?

 Ans. Sam Walton 1962

 2. Who is the founder of Paytm?

 Ans. Vijay Shekhar Sharma (2010)

 3. Who is the founder of Google?

 Ans. Larry Page, Surf Brin (1998)

4. Who is the founder of Microsoft?

 Ans. Bill Gates, Paul Allen (1975)

5. Who is the founder of WhatsApp?

 Ans. Brian Acton, Jain Community (2009)

 6. Who is the founder of Amazon?

 Ans. Jeff  bezos 1994

7. Who is the founder of Flipkart?

 Ans. Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal (2007)

8. Who is the founder of Yahoo?

 Ans. David filo, Jerry yang (1994)

 9. Who is the founder of Apple?

 Ans.  Steve Jobs (1976)

 10. Who is the founder of Wikipedia?

 Ans.  Jimmy Wales (2001)

 11. Who is the founder of Motorola?

 Ans. Paul & Joseph Gablin (1928)

 12. Who is the founder of Facebook?

 Ans. Mark Zuckerberg (2004)

 13. Who is the founder of Alibaba?

 Ans. Jack Ma (1999)

 14. Who is the founder of Nokia?

 Ans. Fredrik Idestam, Leo Mechelin (1865)

 15. Who is the founder of Reliance?

 Ans. Dhirubhai Ambani (1997)

16. Who is the founder of Ebay?

 Ans. Pierre Omidyar (1995)

 17. Who is the founder of Twitter?

 Ans. Jack Doors (2006)

18. Who is the founder of Instagram?

 Ans. Kevin Systrom, Mike Kariser (2010)

 19. Who is the founder of YouTube?

 Ans. Jawed KarimStee Chen (2005)

 20. Who is the founder of Skype?

 Ans. Niklas Zennstrom Janus Friis (2003)

 21. Who is the founder of Tesla?

 Ans. Elon Musk (2003)

 22. Who is the founder of Intel?

 Ans. Gordon Moore (1968)

23. Who is the founder of Samsung?

 Ans. Lee Byungchul (1938)

24. Who is the founder of Xiaomi?

 Ans.  Lie Jun (2010)

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