Daily current affairs- 21 October 2020

Daily current affairs - 21 October

Here is the Daily Current Affairs of 21th October 2020 covering the following topics: World Osteoporosis Day, Rohit Sharma , World Bank, World , Kati Bihu,launched a “war against pollution” campaign…

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Q.1. When is Osteoporosis Day celebrated?
Ans. 20 October

For full details 👉 world Osteoporosis Day

Q.2. Where is the King Vulture (Vulture) Conservation and Breeding Center planned to be established?
Ans. Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh)

Explanation:- India’s first vulture conservation and breeding centre will be set up in Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur at Bhari Baisi village in Farenda range of the Gorakhpur forest division. The project was approved by Deepak Kohli, the Joint Secretary of Uttar Pradesh’s Environment, Forest and Climate Change Department .

Q.3. Which state’s chief minister has launched a “war against pollution” campaign?
Ans. Delhi

Explanation:- Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday announced a “Yuddh Pradushan Ke Virudh” (war against pollution) campaign, with a seven-point action plan ranging from measures to control dust and mitigate hot spots, to a mobile application for complaints to a “war room” for monitoring.

Q.4. Who became the third player to complete 5000 runs in IPL?
Ans. Rohit Sharma (Hitman)

Q.5. Who has been appointed as Special Expenditure Supervisor for Bihar elections?
Ans. Madhu Mahajan and B. R. Balakrishnan.

Explanation:- Madhu Mahajan and B.R. Balakrishnan have been appointed by the Election Commission. The Election Commission has appointed two retired Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officials as Special Expenditure Observers for the coming Bihar Assembly polls.

Madhu Mahajan is a 1982-batch IRS official while B.R. Balakrishnan is from the 1983 batch. The Observers, in consultation with the Chief Electoral Officer of Bihar, will supervise and monitor the work being done by the electoral machinery

Q.6. Which state has announced the commencement of 22 tourism projects?
Ans. Kerala

Explanation:-The state government is set to inaugurate 22 tourism projects on October 22, which are expected to give an impetus to the crisis-ridden sector. Tourism Director P Balakiran told TNIE the tourism department has listed as many as 120 projects for inauguration in the coming months. 

“Of these, 65 projects would be inaugurated as part of the state government’s 100-day action plan as part of boosting the socio-economic activity of the state. The remaining 55 projects would be inaugurated in the second phase of the next 100 days .

Q.7. Where is the free digital online mobile education library launched?
Ans. Mumbai

Explanation:-This library has been launched in Imamwada area of Mumbai for Class 1 to 10. Financially weak students, who could not buy mobile phones, are now attending online classes here through the ‘Free Digital Online Mobile Education Library’ and 22 students have so far enrolled themselves to attend classes.

The Free Digital Online Mobile Education Library, launched by the Mumbai Municipal and Private Urdu Teachers Union, provides 10 smartphones and free WiFi facility to all enrolled students. More than 20 students are availing themselves of the service at present.

“Many students do not have mobile phones or there is only one mobile phone in the family. So, we initiated the idea of a free mobile library class,” the in-charge of the centre said.

Q.8. Who has announced to give 25 billion dollars to poor countries to deal with the corona virus?

Explanation:- The World Bank is an international financial institution that provides loans and grants to the governments of low and middle income countries for the purpose of pursuing capital projects. It comprises two institutions: the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), and the International Development Association (IDA).

Formation – July 1944

Headquarter – Washington D.C.

members- 189 countries(IBRD) , 173 countries (IDA)

Q.9. Which state government has imposed a fine of 500 rupees for spitting in railway premises?
Ans. Madhya Pradesh

Explanation:- In Madhya Pradesh, a fine of 500 rupees will be imposed now on the people who spit in the railway premises. West Central Railway has taken this step to prevent corona infection. It has been started from Bhopal division.

Bhopal DRM Udaya Borwankar told All India Radio that the railway passengers were only being advised till date but now we have decided to take strict steps. Automated machines have also been installed to measure the temperature at all major railway stations including Bhopal for identification of Corona infected passengers. These machines also identify the passengers who are not wearing masks. They also the staff by sounding the alarm.

Q.10. In which state is the Kati Bihu festival celebrated?
Ans. Assam

Explanation :- Kati Bihu is one of the sets of three Bihu festivals (agricultural festivals) was celebrated in the state of Assam. The Kati Bihu is also known as Kangali Bihu, the festival of the poor (the word “Kongal” means “poor”) is celebrated in mid-October when the crops are at growing stage and the granaries of the farmers are depleting.

Chief Minister of Assam: Sarbananda Sonowal

Governor: Prof. Jagdish Mukhi.

💫 Major Awards and Honors

Que. Gyanpith Award is given to the people of which field ?
Ans. Literature

Que. ‘Arjuna Award’ is related to ?
Ans. Sports

Que. Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award is given for exceptional contribution in which field ?
Ans. Science

Que. Grammy Award is given in which field-
Ans. Music

Que. ‘Norman Borlaug Award’ is given in which field ?
Ans. Agriculture

Que. Which award is awarded to the best feature film on national unity ?
Ans. Nargis Dutt Award

Que. ‘Ramon Magsaysay Award’ is given by which country ?
Ans. Philippines

Que. Pulitzer Prize is awarded in which field ?
Ans. Journalism

Que. Kalinga Award is given ?
Ans. To popularize science

Que. For which achievements ‘Global’ awards are given ?
Ans. Environmental Defense

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