Daily Current affairs- 9 September 2020

Today’s current affairs in English-2020 is very helpful for your government exams . Get important daily and monthly current affairs in English quiz , one liners and gk tips and tricks and also  related to your subjects which are very helpful for your examination . 

Current affairs in one liner 

Q.1.  When is The International Literacy Day celebrated?

 Ans – 8 September

Q.2. With which of the following country India and US has collaborated to develop  5G tech ?

Ans – Israel 

 Q.3.  R. Masakui has been appointed as the High Commissioner of India in which country?

 Ans –  Jamaica

Q.4. Which city will host the third annual Indo- pacific Business Forum ?

Ans – Hanoi

 Q.5.  When is the World Solar Technology Summit organized?

 Ans –  8 September

Q.6. By which ‘Household Social Consumption:Education was published  ?

Ans – NSO

 Q.7.  According to the report, which state has the lowest literacy?

 Ans –   Andra Pradesh

 Q.8.  Where has the COVID-19 Vijay Rath inaugurated recently?

 Ans.  Gujarat

Q.9. Which state’s/UTs have the best and worst literacy rate in India ?

Ans – Kerala

 Q.10.  Which state’s Virudhunagar district has become a fully digital economy district?

 Ans –  Tamil Nadu

Q.11. Himachal Pradesh signed $82 million loan for the implementation of Roads Transformation Project with which bank ?

Ans – World Bank 

Q.12.  Which company has partnered with Cyber Peace Foundation to drive cyber safety awareness  ?

 Ans.  WhatsApp

Q.13. Who has been awarded Indira Gandhi peace prize awarded for 2019 ?

Ans – David Attenborough

 Q.14.  Who has released The State of Young Child in India report?

 Ans –  M. Venkaiah Naidu

Q.15.  Who has chaired the meeting of G-20 Education Ministers?

 Ans.  Saudi Arab

Q.16. Which state UT has launched Ahata-e-Waqar Centre for senior citizen? 

Ans – Jammu and Kashmir 

 Q.17. Where has the sanitization on one call service launched?

 Ans.  Lucknow 

Q.18. Veteran actor Jaya Prakash Reddy passed away on September 8, 2020 after suffering from a cardiac arrest . Reddy belonged to which regional film industry  ?

Ans – Telugu

Q.19. Which state government has launched ‘Sampoorna Poshana ‘  scheme for providing nutritious food to pregnant women? 

Ans – Andhra Pradesh 

Q.20. Fitch Ratings has estimated  India’s GDP growth at ________in 2020-21 

Ans – -10.5

Q.21. Which state launched  ‘Sanitization on one call service ‘  ?

Ans – Lucknow 

Important points of the day 

  • Headquarter of World Bank is Washington, D.C. , and total countries is 189. Head of World Bank  is David Malpas ( USA) . World Bank was founded on 1944  and work start on 1945 .
  • Sir David Attenborough , who is a naturalist and broadcaster, will be awarded the Indira Gandhi Prize for peace, Disarmament and Development for the year 2019 . Towards promoting international peace and development besides ensuring that scientific discoveries are used for the good of humanity and enhancing the scope of the freedom. 
  • R. Masakui appointed as next High Commissioner of India to Jamaica .
  • India,Israel and the United States have begun collaboration in development area,and in next generation of emerging technologies, including a transparent, open , reliable and secure 5G communication network. 
  • The third annual Indo-pacific Business Forum is scheduled to be held in Vietnam’s capital Hanoi on October 28 and 29 , 2020 .
  • The importance of literacy was first observed at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural  Organizations (UNESCO) general conference in 1966 .
  • Literacy Day 2020 was focus on the changes and challenges in learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.  As per UNESCO,India will achieve universal literacy by 2060 .

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