List of International boundary lines in India and world

International boundary lines are the national boundaries of political or legal authorities such as states, cultural territories and independent states. The process of border construction is called demarcation. Some international borders, such as those in the free zone, such as the European Union, have little or no protection.

International boundary lines

Others such as the India-Pakistan border or the North Korean-South Korea border are likely to be heavily monitored with accessed cross-border access. International boundary lines are an important topic in the Geography Syllabus of the UPSC.

International boundary lines in India and world is important to know about the Boundary Lines in India and world between major countries. In this topic Questions has appeared in many competitive exams in General Awareness Section.

International boundary lines in India and World
Radcliffe Line
  1. Line Name – Durand Line
    👉 Between whom – Pakistan and Afghanistan
    ● Determined in 1886 by Sir Martimer Durand.
  2. Line Name – Macmahon Line
    👉Between whom – India and China
    ● 1120 km The long line was set by Sir Henry McMahon. But China does not accept this.
  3. Line Name – Radcliffe Line
    👉 Between whom – India and Pakistan
    ● Prescribed by Sir Cyril Radcliffe, Chairman of the India-Pakistan Border Commission in 1947.
  4. Line Name – 17th Parallel
    👉 Between whom – North Vietnam and D. Vietnam
    ● Before the unification of Vietnam, it divided the country into two parts.
  5. Name of the line – 24th parallel line (24th Parallel)
    👉 Between whom – India and Pakistan
    ● According to Pakistan, this line of Kutch region accurately determines but India does not accept this line.
  6. Line Name – 38th Parallel Line (38th Parallel)
    👉 Between – North Korea and South Korea
    ● Splits Korea into two parts.
  7. Name of the line – 49th Parallel (49th Parallel)
    👉Between whom – America and Canada
    ● America and Canada are divided into two parts.
  8. Name of the line – Hindenburg Line
    👉 Between whom – Germany and Poland
    ● Germany’s army returned from here in World War I.
  9. Name of the line – Blue line 👉Between whom – Lebanon and Israel
  10. Name of the line – Green Line 👉 Between whom – Israel and Syria, Egypt, Jordan & Lebanon
  11. Name of the line – Purple line 👉Between whom – Israel and Syria
  12. Name of the line – Mannerheim Line 👉 Between whom – Russia and Finland
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Important Solved Questions for all exams
1. Which two countries share the boundary ‘Line of Control’?
India and Pakistan
Line of Control
2. Which of the following lines divide India and Pakistan?
Line of Control
3. McMahon Line divides India and which country?
4. Which Line divides Afghanistan and Pakistan?
Durand Line
5. Which Line divides Israel and Lebanon?
Blue line
6. Maginot Line divides which two countries?
France and Germany
7. 49 Parallel North (Medicine Line) divides which two countries?
USA and Canada
8. Iraq and Iran are divided by which of the following lines ?
31 Parallel North
9. Which Line divides North and South Korea?
38 Parallel North
10. Purple line divides which two countries?
Israel and Syria
11. Poland and Russia are divided by which of the following lines?
Curzon Line
12. Which line separates Russia and Finland?
Mannar haime line
13. Which of the following lines divide North and South Vietnam?
17 Parallel lines
14. Angola and Namibia are divided by which of the following lines ?
16 Parallel North
15. Armistice Line (Military Demarcation line) divides which of the two countries ?
North Korea and South Korea
16. Which line divides Bosnia and Herzegovina into two entities ?
Inter-Entity Border line
17. Which line is the halfway point between the Equator and the North Pole ?
45th Parallel
18. Which is a line of demarcation between four states in the United State ?
Mason-Dixon line
19. In Rann of Kutch dispute in 1965 AD Pakistan declared frontier between Pakistan and India decided in 1968 AD is called_________?
Ans. 24th Parallel line
20. Which is the total length of India- Pakistan border ?
Ans. 3323
21. _____________Parallel North forms most of the New York — Pennsylvania Border.
22. Hindenburg Line is the boundary dividing Germany and _________.
23. Mannerheim Line is the line of fortification on the Russia and __________.
24. _________Parallel forms the southernmost boundary of the State of Missouri with the State of Arkansas.
25. Which two countries share the boundary ‘Line of Actual Control’?
India and China 

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