Jute Mark India (JMI) Logo Launched by Government

The government on Saturday introduced certification of authenticity for jute products with the unveiling of “Jute Mark India” logo by the Union Textile Secretary U P Singh.

Jute Mark India Logo

The government of India introduced the certification of authenticity for jute products manufactured in India. The Union Textile Secretary unveiled the logo “Jute Mark India” logo. This project is an initiative to protect and promote Indian jute products.

Key points:
  • The Jute Mark India (JMI) will be a hallmark of the jute products manufactured in India.
  • This certification is expected to increase the domestic market and export of Jute products made in India to other countries.
  • The Jute Mark India will contain a unique QR code and when the customers scan the code, they’ll get to know about the product.
  • The promotion of Jute and Jute products in India is managed by the National Jute Board, which works under the Union Textile Ministry.
  • Jute Mark India (JMI) was implemented during an ongoing scheme for the development and promotion of Jute between FY’22 and FY’26. The total investment of the central government in this project was Rs. 485.58 crore.
  • The export of Jute in the year 2020-2021 was worth Rs. 2740 crore and the diversified products of Jute were worth Rs. 1261 crore. This constituted 46 per cent of the total value of Jute Goods Exports.
  • In 2021-2022, the provisional export of Jute Goods was worth Rs. 3785.68 crores.

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Which is the nodal agency?

National Jute Board is the nodal agency, for the promotion of jute and jute products in Indian and global markets.

Jute exports from India

During the financial year 2020-21, jute products of worth Rs 2740 crore were exported. On the other hand, jute diversified products were valued at Rs 1216. It accounted for 46 per cent of the total value of exports of jute products. During financial year 2021-22, provisional exports of jute products was Rs 3785.68 crore. This accounted for an increase by 38.13 per cent against provisional exports in 2020-21.

National Jute Board

The National Jute Board is governed by the National Jute Board Act 2008, as framed by the Minister of Textile, the Government of India, and enacted by the Parliament on 12 February 2009. It is the nodal agency for promotion of Indian Jute. It was set up under “National Jute Board Act, 2008”. It is chaired by the Secretary of Union Ministry of Textiles. Its primary objective is to provide better marketing for jute and jute products. It is headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal. The board works to research and engage human resource development programs to explore and increase the use of Jute in both organized and decentralized sectors.

National Jute Board – Schemes

1. Jute- Improved Cultivation and Retting Exercise (ICARE)

2. Jute Diversification scheme

  • Jute Resources-cum-Production centre (JRCPC)
  • Jute Raw Material Bank (JRMB)
  • Jute Retail Outlets (JRO)
  • Jute Design Resource Centre (JDRC)
  • Jute Product Diversification Scheme (JPDS)
  • Production Linked Incentive Support on JDPs (PLI)
  • Capital Subsidy Scheme for Acquisition of Plant and Machinery (CSAPM)

3. Market Development and Promotion (MDP)

  • Domestic Market Promotion Activities (DMPA)
  • Export Market Promotion Activities (EMPA)
  • Jute Mark Logo Programme

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