Latest Current affairs-1September2020


This current affairs -2020 very helpful for your government exams : – Get important daily and monthly current affairs in English quiz , one liners and gk tips and tricks and also  related to your subjects which are very helpful for your examination . 

1 September 2020

Q.1. Which state /UTs Government  has launched  ‘ Healthy  Body ,Healthy  Mind ‘ Fitness Campaign  for students  Confined in Home ?
Ans – New Delhi

Q.2.  Mustafa Adiv has been named the new Prime Minister of which country?
 Ans –  Lebanon

Q.3. Which Former President  Pranab Mukherjee has passed  away recently.  He served as the  ________ President of India. 
Ans – 13 th

 Q.4.  Ukraine has ended relations with which of its neighbouring countries?
 Ans –  Belarus

 Q.5.  Who has been selected as the official partner for the next three seasons of IPL?
 Ans –  Unacademy

 Q.6.  Under whose chairmanship has the DRDO set up a committee to review the charter of the laboratory?
 Ans –  V. Ramgopal Rao
Q.7.Which nation has launched  ‘Agriota’ an e-market platform  to bridge gap between India farmers  and its food industry?
Ans – UAE ( United Arab Emirates)

 Q.8.  Where is the RO-RO train service started?
 Ans –  Bengaluru

 Q.9.  The Tsar Bomba or Tsar’s bomb has been developed by which country?
 Ans –  Russia

Q.10. Mustafa  Adib is set to  become  the  next Prime  Minister  of which nation ?
Ans – Lebanon

 Q.11.  Which IT has introduced a new curriculum to teach ancient science in Sanskrit?
 Ans – Indore

 Q.12.  How many new routes have been allowed by the central government under the Udaan scheme?
 Ans –  78

Q.13. The first sea plane services of India is to begin from October  31 from which state —
Ans – Gujarat 

 Q.14.  Who became the winner of FIDE Online Chess Olympiad?
 Ans – Russia and India

 Q.15.  Where will seaplane service be started recently?
 Ans –  Gujarat

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