List of Important Latest GI Tag in India 2021

List of Important Latest GI Tag in India

Geographical Indication (GI) Tag : Geographical Indication (GI) refers to a name or sign of/on a product that has a close similarity with a specific geographical location or origin. These geographical locations/origins may include a town, region, or country.

The Geographical Indication is used as a type of indication of the source. It acts as a certification that the product possesses specific qualities, or is made with traditional methods, or has specific reputation due to its geographical origin.

So, as a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) enacted the GI Act to comply with the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs)

Example:- From 15th September 2003, Geographical Indication, known as GI came into effect. The first product to carry the sign was Darjeeling Tea.

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Importance of Geographical Indication tag
  • When a local product is given GI tag so it gets preservation and its value rises and becomes valuable.
  • The local product can be exported if they get this tag. Thus increases export of products.
  • If any agricultural products gets this tag so the farmers directly get benefit from that, thus their income increases.
  • If any manufactured good gets this tag, so it will boosts the MSME sector.
  • If any handicrafts get this tag, so it raises employment in that particular region. It gets a new identity.
  • It also boosts tourism in that area where the GI tagged good has its origin.
  • Altogether, it is helpful in the economic empowerment of rural and tribal communities.
  • With this speciality, the production of fake good of GI tagged good can be stopped.
GI Tag registration in India in 2017 (V. Imp for prelims)
  • Banganapalle Mango, Bengali RosgollaTulanpanji Rice (Bengal), Pochampally Ikat of Telangana; Gobindobhog Rice of West Bengal; Durgi Stone Carvings and Etikoppaka Toys of Andhra Pradesh; and Chakshesang Shawl of Nagaland.
Important Solved questions related to competitive exams
  • Where is the geographical indication registry located in India? – The Geographical Indications Registry is located at Chennai.
  • How many products got GI tag in India? – India now has more than 361 GI Tags
  • Which state in India has highest GI tag? – Karnataka (47 GI tag)
  • Which country has highest number of GI tags? – Germany
  • What is the time limit of the GI tag? – A GI is registered for an initial period of ten years, which may be renewed from time to time.
  • Which products are not received from GI tag in Karnataka? – Coorg betel nut from Karnataka has not received GI tag.
  • GI Tag is governed which International organisation? – WTO
Most Important Latest GI Tag in NEWS 2021
  • ? Judima Rice – Assam ?
  • ✋Sojat mehndi – Rajasthan?
  • ? Sarbhaja – West Bengal ?
  • ? Sarpuria – West Bengal ?
  • ? Jardalu Mangoes – Bihar
  • ? Gucchi Mushroom – Jammu & Kashmir
  • ? Sohrai and Kohbar Art – Jharkhand
  • ? Khola chili – Goa
  • ? Chak-Hao, Black rice – Manipur
  • ? Gorakhpur terracotta – Uttar Pradesh
  • ? Kovilpatti Kadalai Mittai – Tamil Nadu
  • ? Kashmir Saffron – Jammu & Kashmir
  • ?Thanjavur Netti and Arumbavur Wood carving – Tamil Nadu
  • ?Shahi litchi – Bihar
  • ? Sohrai Khovar Painting – Jharkhand
  • ? Telia Rumal Telangana Shahi Lichi & Zardalu Mango – Bihar
  • ? Moira bananas, Harmal Chillies, Khaje – Goa
  • ? Dalle Khursani – Sikkim

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