Sea Dragon 22 exercise began

Sea Dragon 22 exercise
Sea Dragon 22 exercise began

India and its partners in the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue or Quad along with Canada and South Korea are participating in the multinational anti-submarine warfare (ASW) exercise Sea Dragon 2022 began on January 5 along with the navies at Guam in the Western Pacific. The exercise will involve more than 270 hours of in-flight training and activities ranging from tracking simulated targets to tracking a US Navy submarine. Each event will be graded and the country scoring the highest points will receive the Dragon Belt award.The six nations that are participating in the exercise are the United States, Australia, Canada, India, Japan and South Korea.

Sea Dragon 22 exercise is a US-led multi-national exercise designed to practice and discuss Anti-submarine warfare tactics to operate together in response to traditional and non-traditional maritime security challenges in the Indo-Pacific region. This exercise held annually.

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The focus of the exercise

Sea Dragon 22 focuses on anti-submarine warfare (ASW) training and excellence, which includes everything from tracking simulated targets to tracking a genuine US Navy submarine. Pilots and flight officers from all around the world develop strategies and discuss tactics in training sessions that take into account their individual countries’ skills and equipment.

Why is the exercise important?

The exercise is important as some of the participating countries have strained relations with China. In the last 2 decades Chinese interests in the Indian Ocean Region have increased. This is mainly because 80% of Chinese oil imports pass through the Malacca strait and Indian Ocean. China is expanding its presence in the India Ocean under its Look West Policy. It has made significant infrastructural developments in Sri Lanka, Maldives, Myanmar and Seychelles. China is also looking for opportunities to increase its ties with the western African Indian Ocean states. China is supplying weapons to Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, in a way trying to colonise the countries.

Important Solved questions for all competitive exams

  1. How many countries are participating in Malabar 21 naval exercise? – Ans. Four countries(India, USA, Japan and Australia)
  2. Which of the following countries did not participate in the 21st edition of Exercise Malabar? – Ans. Australia
  3. Where is Malabar exercise 2021? – Ans. The Bay of Bengal
  4. Is Malabar exercise an annual exercise? – Ans. Yes, the Malabar exercises began as an annual bilateral naval exercise between India and the US in 1992.
  5. Where does Malabar exercise occur? – Ans. Malabar exercise occur off the coast of Guam in 2018 and off the coast of Japan in 2019 .
  6. Which country has hosted the 25th edition of Exercise Malabar? – Ans. Four-day Malabar wargame begins off coast of Guam.
  7. When was Malabar exercise held ?– Ans. The first Malabar exercise between India and the United States was held on 28/29 May 1992.

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