List of International boundary lines in India and world

International boundary lines are the national boundaries of political or legal authorities such as states, cultural territories and independent states. The process of border construction is called demarcation. Some international borders, such as those in the free zone, such as the European Union, have little or no protection. Others such as the India-Pakistan border or … Read more

List of National Parks in India – An Overview with easy tricks

National parks in india

National Parks National Parks an area of scenic beauty, historical importance, etc. owned and maintained by a national government. One or several ecosystems not materially altered by human exploitation and occupation, where plant and animal species, geomorphological sites and habitats are of special scientific, educational, and recreational interest or which contain a natural landscape of … Read more

Lakes in India – An overview with easy tricks

Lakes in India

What is lakes ? A lake is an area , filled with fresh or salt water of considerable size, localized in a basin , that is surrounded by land . एक झील एक क्षेत्र है, जो ताजे या खारे पानी से भरा हुआ है, जो एक बेसिन में घिरा हुआ है, जो जमीन से घिरा … Read more