World Pharmacists Day -2020

World Pharmacists Day

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What is world pharmacists day ?

World Pharmacists Day was an initiative or  the brainchild of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) along with the council of this organization who voted to establish the event in the late 2000s during a conference held in Istanbul, Turkey.

World Pharmacists day aim of the day is to draw attention to pharmacies and the positive benefits they offer when it comes to health and FIP encourages all its members to participate to make the event a success.

What is the theme of World Pharmacist Day 2020 ?

On 25 September World Pharmacists Day is observed . The theme of world pharmacist day 2020  is

                                           “Transforming global health“

“We aim to show how pharmacists contribute to a world where everyone benefits from access to safe, effective, quality and affordable medicines and health technologies, as well as from pharmaceutical care services,” said FIP President Dominique Jordan.The World Pharmacists Day theme this year is an opportunity to communicate how pharmacists are transforming health through a variety of health services in their communities, including advising on healthy living, vaccinating to prevent disease, and ensuring that medicines are taken correctly, thereby managing diseases well and improving quality of life. It also covers how pharmaceutical scientists transform and prolong people’s lives by developing safe and effective medicines and vaccines.

Why World Pharmacist Day is celebrated?

The purpose of World Pharmacists Day, which was brought to life at the FIP Council 2009 in Istanbul, is to encourage activities that promote and advocate for the role of the pharmacist in improving health in every corner of the world. Pharmacists are the reason why people get the best from their medicines, they are using their experience, knowledge, and expertise to make the (medical) world a better place for everybody. Moreover, they give access to medicines, advise people on how to properly take them and so much more.

Why World Pharmacists Day celebrated on  September 25?

World Pharmacists Day is celebrated every year on 25 September because the Turkish members of International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) suggested the date because the FIP was established on the same day in 1912.


About International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP):

FIP was founded in 25 September in 1912, the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) is the global federation of national associations of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists and is in official relations with the World Health Organization (WHO). Through its 127 Member Organisations FIP represents and serves more than three million practitioners and scientists around the world.   The headquater of FIP is  Netherlands .

International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP)


The organization announces a different theme every year so that associations and individuals in the pharmaceutical industry can organise national campaigns or local projects to showcase their outstanding work in helping improve the health of people around the world.


FIP consists of two boards: the Board of Pharmaceutical Practice and the Board of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

FIP’s highest organ is the FIP Council. In the Council, all national pharmaceutical associations (Member Organisations) and national pharmaceutical scientific associations (Predominantly Scientific Member Organisations) are represented and have voting rights. FIP’s Observer Organisations, supra-national pharmaceutical (scientific) associations, also participate in the Council but do not have voting rights.   Over the years, FIP’s priorities have shifted in both focus and content to meet the needs and expectations of the profession in expanding healthcare services and integrating emerging scientific developments. At the time of its inception in 1912, the Federation was primarily focused on the pharmaceutical sciences. FIP executed its Mission through Congresses and events mainly by gatherings of European participants and leaders.

FIP’s Mission –   To improve global health by advancing pharmacy practice and science to enable better discovery, development, access to and safe use of appropriate, cost-effective, quality medicines worldwide.   FIP’s 2020 Vision   Wherever and whenever decision makers discuss any aspects of medicines on a global level, FIP is at the table.

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